Real Couples – Real Stories


Emily & Peter – Ascot House – 2nd July 2011

How did you meet?The first time I ever saw Peter was at church, when we were just 15. The thought of seeing that cute boy with the blue eyes would give me the motivation to get out of bed on a cold Sunday morning and drag myself to Mass with my parents! In case he would be there, I remember that I always used to take extra care to be looking my best! Some weeks I would see him, other weeks I wouldn’t – it was always an ecstatic feeling to see him, and a huge let down when he wasn’t there. One week I remember catching his eye and we sat staring at each other for a few awkward seconds. I admired Peter from afar for close to a year before I finally got the chance to introduce myself. In 2005 we ended up at schools that were in the same suburb. My friends and I used to try our utmost to casually ‘bump into’ Peter on the tram! It was one afternoon after school that we first finally spoke to each other – I introduced myself, and we got a conversation going. Peter was very shy, and I think he was a bit terrified of me – one time he tried to hide behind a group of his friends when he saw me coming! One day my friend and I convinced Peter and his friend to come with us to McDonald’s on the way home from school – which became our first date when our two friends made a speedy getaway! It wasn’t long after that we shared our first kiss, and the rest is history. It’s quite strange to think all the way back to that time, because we were so young, and we’ve both changed so much. When I see photos of us from back then when we were only 16, it always shocks me to see how young Peter looks. We’ve literally grown up together, and only grown closer together in that time.

Who, where and how was the proposal: tell us all, doesn’t matter if you think it was romantic or it was just time to discuss a wedding! Peter proposed on the 22nd March, 2010 – the date which marked our five year anniversary. He took me for a long weekend away in the Dandenong ranges, including a ride in the first class dining car on the Puffing Billy steam train. When we got back to the little cottage where we were staying, he casually asked me, “You going to marry me babe?” I answered, “You’ve got to give me a ring first!” At the point, he got down on one knee and pulled out a little ring box. Knowing what a fusspot I am, he decided to propose with a cubic zirconia ring, then we were able to go shopping for the real one together.

Tell us about the wedding: did you have a theme? what was important for you? was it religious? How many people shared the day with you? Any traditions you hold or broke? What music did you dance to… etc Please tell us all about it. Peter and I were married on 2nd July 2011. The ceremony was held at our local church, where we were both baptised and also where we first laid eyes on each other! We had about 130 guests join us, including relatives who travelled from all around Australia and overseas. It was important to us to invite our extended family, as we both felt that events like weddings really keep a sense of connectedness with relatives you might not otherwise see very often. Peter and I both prefer vintage to modern, so as a result our wedding had a very old-world feel. Our reception venue was a lovely heritage house packed with antique furniture and elaborate decor. We hired a 1930s car, I wore pearls and lace, and many of our accessories had a very vintage feel – like my fur wrap, lace parasols, and a fob watch for Peter. Being winter, I wanted the main colour scheme to include a rich, dark colour, so I dressed my bridesmaids in flowing floor-length burgundy chiffon with matching satin boleros for warmth. I also included charcoal as a secondary colour, in the boys’ suits, as well as invitations and stationery. According to tradition, I wore something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. My something old was my dress, which belonged to my mum from when she married my dad in 1980. My new things included jewelled Alan Pinkus shoes and my lace bolero by Mariana Hardwick. I borrowed my mum’s pearls, which had been a wedding gift from my dad. My something blue was a diamond and sapphire pendant that Peter bought me as a wedding gift, which I hung from the pearl necklace. Our ‘bridal waltz’ was actually a foxtrot, which we danced to Just The Way You Look Tonight (the Frank Sinatra version). We had lessons and like to think we looked quite impressive!

The Honeymoon, Where did you go and what did you do? For our honeymoon, the most important thing to us is that we would simply be able to take the time out and enjoy being together. We went to stay at our friends’ beach house at Queenscliff. The house itself is a beautiful white historic mansion with lovely chandeliers, fireplaces and its own observatory tower! The weather was absolutely awful but it didn’t matter a bit. We spent the whole week being lazy, eating out for nearly every meal and keeping warm at home in between times. Queenscliff is a beautiful town and there are great cafes, pubs, shops and scenery. I think we made a good choice to have a simple, relaxing break instead of planning a big trip overseas – we got to spend quality time together instead of rushing around like tourists.